Dark City The Vault

Talking Sheep Productions

Dark City offers a selection of spooky Edinburgh legends, ranging from the classic tales of Burke and Hare in the 18th century to stories of the present day. Each is told by the subject themselves, providing us with a new perspective on the dead and the damned from Edinburgh’s classic myths. Murderers stand before you attempting to explain to the audience that they shouldn’t be blamed for the things they have done. Each story not only offers a spine-chilling thrill but also highlights messages about guilt, greed, the value of lives, and the normality of evil.
The chosen venue for the performance is fantastic. Sitting in the vault with its dim candlelight and stone walls, it really feels as though it is a room where these horror stories could have taken place. It provides a truly atmospheric experience. The room’s size also means it can only fit a small audience, but this gave the telling of the stories a much more personal feel. This is helped by good overall performances and well written dialogue which creates convincing characters.
I can highly recommend Dark City as a spooky night out. The performers did a brilliant job of making the audience feel involved in the stories, and successfully gave us the occasional fright. Overall a very enjoyable experience.
Charlie Scott-Askin