The Little Death Club

Underbelly Circus Club

Want to experience a circus show that’s full of debauchery and ne’erdowells? The kind of place that merges burlesque with carnivale, where anything can happen. Then let that rather mischievous mistress of ceremonies Bernie Dieter, lead you by the hand into her wonderful mixed up world of The Little Death Club. It quite an apt name, as when our hostess strode across the stage in her studded heels, sparkly catsuit and plumed shoulder pads, she reminded me of another hostess to a dark realm, none other than Norse goddess Hel herself! And she certainly shares her moxy as she not only regales, but carouses with her audience members in getting them ready for what I can only describe as a rather salacious evening.

Her house (Or maybe in this case tent) band are “The Vier” and they join together to bring us such Kraftwerk inspired numbers like “The Emoji Song”! In ways that’s about as tame as it gets as we are delighted and beguiled by a whole hedonist band of miscreants! We are treated to a curious mixture of self-confessed misfits be it drag queen Myra Dubois who is singing a duet with herself, a rather slovenly but truly talented hula hooper Jess Love and Monsieur Josh Glanc a mime who is having something of an existential crisis! In the midst of all this chaos there is some beauty too, as we have Oliver Smith-Wellnitz doing some fine aerialist work as well. But anarchy and provocation are kind of the keywords here as it’s not really the kind of show that you’d take your mother to and yet one woman did take her young adult family to these shenanigans! Where the audacious fire starter and swallower Kitty Bang Bang was gyrating and thrusting her barely clad tuckus right in front of them, and they not knowing where to look!

So get yourself and all your cronies down to the Spiegeltent to experience a night of entertainment you’re very unlikely to ever forget.

Markus Helbig